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My Mission

I want to explore new technologies, update older systems using state of the art architecture and solve advanced software projects. To help you solve your issues I can recourse to a number of past experiences having worked in various working environments already.

I am best in programming server side applications which are running on linux machines. My current favourite programming language is PHP, because it has evolved so fast in the past years. From my experience PHP has become a great language to build outstanding software, if you use Frameworks like Symfony.

Next to PHP I also enjoy, working with other front- & and backend technologies. I am also experienced in prototyping. (I have already started my own software startup ideas).

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Communication is King

Communication is more than yelling at people and expecting good results. If you want to build good software you should listen to the people you work with and give valuable feedback. I always want to get better with my communication skills and help people in my team to move forward. Without good communication a project will most probably not be successful.


In the past years I worked in different teams, who tried to become agile and who worked with the SCRUM framework.
It's sometimes really tough to transform teams from flows/models like the waterfall to use an agile model like SCRUM.
Escpecially SCRUM is in my veins since the last 4 years and I can work in agile teams as well as in teams with other projectmanagement models.

"SCRUM can help" and "agile is awesome"

SCRUM and Agile

Working in international Teams

I feel save to work with people from all over the world. I had collegues from more than 20 different countries on every continent.
I speak english fluently and german is my mother tongue.
Besides that it's a must to write code and documentation in english to lower down the barriers between developers.


These are some of my technical skills

Delivery of software is my passion. To have the overview of an project is as important as the details of every part of the software.

This is only a selected overview of my skillset. I can adapt to your requirements and I am always willing to learn new things.

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Architecture Patterns
Reliability & on time

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Personio GmbH - Fullstack Developer

It was an inspiring time to work in the Personio Team as one of the early stage employees. Working in the product development team and the marketing team, I was able to gain more insights into rapid team development under time restrictions.

  • PHP 7 with the Framework Laravel 5
  • JS - jQuery, React
  • ElasticSearch - for Reports preperation
  • MySQL / Percona
  • REST
  • Website redesign with Worpdress, Less, HTMl5/CSS3, PHP addons for Visual Composer and so on.

On top: SCRUM, Bugfixes, Jira, Confluence, GIT/Bitbucket / Jenkins

September 2016 - December 2017

Freelance IT Consultant - OMMAX- Digital Solutions

The work was always project based for more than 8 customers from different industries including, leagal, electrics and media.

  • Built Wordpress pages, workred with PHP Python / HTML5 / CSS3 / js / Jquery
  • Supported the BI team with small python scripts
  • Connected REST APIs
  • SEO optimizations & Google tracking/analytics implementations
  • Customer contact - Consulting
May 2016 - December 2017

PHP web developer PAYBACK GmbH - Part of the American Express Group

As part of the global frontend team I had the chance to work in an international setup. My main tasks were developing new modules for the frontend (PHP/JS/HTML/CSS) and the backend CMS (Java), writing tests and learning the architeture strategies of the company.

  • working with APF Framework (Frontend)
  • Java - Module development and configuration in first spirit CMS
  • Using the PAYBACk REST/SOAP apis.
  • Unit- & functional testing in Java and PHP

On top: SCRUM, Roles: Security Officer & Pattern Care-taker, Bugfixes, Documentation, Jira, Confluence, SVN

April 2016 - August 2016

PHP web developer MyDays GmbH - ProSiebenSat1 Media Group

Short but intense time, where I delivered a project from the first line of code to the deployment for the automated email marketing solution.

  • Giving a training for: how to use Unittests in PHP with PHPUnit
  • Project: Created own Symfony (vendor) Bundle to implement the Emarsys Email Marketing API to the projects.
  • Angular JS 1
  • Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence
  • Scrum
Feb 2016 - March 2016

PHP Backend Developer bei Paymill GmbH

There I started as Junior and became mid experienced dev on my way. Great team, with experienced developers, who really worked as team and enjoyed to live Scrum. I got experienced in transforming a monolithic system architecture to a well working microservice architecture.

  • Symfony 2 / Zend 1 / Doctrine / Mysql / Linux / Angular JS
  • Connected banking APIs (Payon & Paypal)
  • Improved and/or extended the internal apis
  • Created automation workflows with command and cronjobs etc.
  • Git, Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, Gerrit
  • Bootstraped Microservices, also helped to switch from Monolith to SOA
February 2014 - January 2016

Junior software developer at Urban Brand GmbH (today windeln.de AG)

  • Working with Magento Shop software (PHP 5 and Zend Framework 1)
  • BI analytics with Mysql (Revenue, Customers, Marketing numbers)
  • OOP, PHP Scripts for SFTP exchanges for XML/CSV Files
  • Data exchange scripts for emarsys in Java
  • Second and third level support for the customer team
  • Impelementet tracking codes & analytics with Javascript
  • Linux server administration
September 2012 - January 2014

Freelance Frontend Developer at Contentk├╝che GmbH

  • Created HTML pages
  • Extended Worpdress plugins for customer pages
June/July 2012 - August 2014

Apprenticeship and Software Engineering Degree at Axiros Gmbh & IHK Munich

  • Learned Python (at work) and Java (in school)
  • First steps on linux machines like Debian / Ubuntu / Redhat.
  • Administration of routers (flashed small discs with new configs and wrote them before)
  • Network administration basics IPv4 / IPv6 / SSH / SFTP
  • Created own DSL environment (Provider -> DSLAM -> DSL socket) for company test lab.
February 2011 - May 2012

Started studying informatics at college in Munich

The course was Geotelematik and navigation, where I first got in touch with Programming. There I learned the basics and was so fascinated and focused, that I directly wanted to start in the economy.

October 2010 - February 2011
Start of my Engineering Carrer - 2011

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